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South East Asian Study Foundation, Trust is a nonprofit organization formed mainly to promote and provide academic, technical and professional education including higher education to the people of country specifically in the North East area of the country. The education not only includes the regular studies for the better future of the coming generation as well as education including higher education for the people who because of their economic reasons have to drop their studies and start working early to earn their livelihood. Objective of the trust is to encourage and assist such peoples to fulfill their ambitions and to achieve their desire goal. The trust is also committed to uplift the students of backward or tribal area and further commit to provide them an opportunity to complete their higher education is their existing circumstances and conditions, even without compromising with their current employments.

South East Asian Study Foundation

The trust is also committed towards upliftment of the people in other educative programme like cultural, musical, social, yoga, vocational training and courses for the employment goals of the youth. The Trust is also committed to encourage the common peoples for “Digital Indian” program hence the trust is lunching and introduced several courses for computer and mobile apps. The trust intends to work in the fields of professional excellence like Medical, Engineering, Legal, Architectural, Cinematic and Journalism so that education can generate employment for others and can serve the humanity in different ways. Trust also intends raise the cause of the disabled and to introduce an inclusive education system which involves higher education, where physically, mentally, emotionally and financially challenged children of the different part of the country can be benefited. The Trustees of Trust are the individual who already dedicatedly worked from decades in the field of higher education. Their experience in the field of higher education certainly helps, to do better to educate the north east part of our country

The main aims and objectives of SEAS Foundation are:

  1. To provide digital education including the computer education in India by way of various mobile and computer courses through experienced, qualified, professionals and teachers to made the students self dependent.
  2. To promote digital technology, information technology as well as vocational and technical education in India.
  3. To provide other vocational trainings like stitching, embroidery, house interior etc, by way of various courses.
  4. To educate the people about media, language courses, include writing skill and speaking skills by way of various courses.
  5. To provide coaching for the competitive examination for unemployed youth for the government services or other examination to enable the aspirant students to get success in such examinations.
  6. To provide scholarship or provide financial aid to poor / meritorious students in the field of digital and computer education.
  7. To provide assistance to other Organizations, individuals or group of people in furtherance of the above object of the SEAS Foundation.

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